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Partying on a Cruise with Brainless Women

Actualizado: 27 de jun de 2020

A dream that started as humanitarian work ended as an orgiastic party.

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Summary: This is a dream I had the last night and I managed to record it even partially asleep. Dream: We were working with cousins ​​and childhood friends from the La Pola neighborhood of Ibagué-Colombia (where my mother's maternal home is located) with vulnerable population of this city teaching them how to make crafts so that they could sell them and survive. But our crafts turned out to be so good that they became an industry and we began to earn quite a bit of money. As we needed more and more space to work, we began to invade houses in the same neighborhood (La Pola, Ibagué) when the owners were out of town, like the “Okupa” movement of Barcelona. The objective of invading these houses in the La Pola was to have more space for our industry, and for socializing as well. Our business was so good that we were hired by a cruise company that operated on an inland lake in Cali-Colombia. Theses cruises, among other diversions, had some spectacular, interesting and fun women, who at the same time gave the impression of not having a brain and they pleased us in everything we wanted. In short, what started as humanitarian work to help the vulnerable population in Ibagué, ended in a week of orgiastic parties on a cruise in Cali.

Our crafts became so famous that the owner of a UK cruise line contacted us to sell our creations in the shops of her company's ships. Our creations were so successful that as a prize she invited us on a full-pay cruise. But the cruise was in the area of the Colosseum and Velodrome of Cali which had become an inner urban lake where, in addition to the sports scenarios, there were nightclubs-ports to dance, and the cruises were some sort of large water party buses (party buses in Colombia are called chivas).

It was as if the area of the big sports scenarios in Cali had merged with Juanchito, one of the towns of heavy parties in Candelaria, a municipality separated form Cali by the Cauca river: remember the song by Grupo Niche “Del Puente para allá Juanchito, del puente para acá está Cali (After the Bridge Juanchito , before it is Cali”:

The trip on this cruise resulted to be very fun. Incredibly, it lasted the duration of an average cruise (one week) in a lake as small as it was supposed to be the intra-urban one that contained the most important sports scenarios in Cali. We played on the chiva-ship with my cousins ​​and friends in labyrinths, climbing walls, swimming pools, Turkish baths, saunas, Jacuzzis, etc. The cruise had excellent recreationalists and drama professional actors who turned out to be my theater friends from Univalle. The ship's theater offered north American situational comedies, that I love, so we kept laughing all the time. The cruise was a Decameron type so we could eat and drink whatever we wanted. But most interesting thing was that the parties had female "dancers" (actually they were more than that) who were gorgeous and with whom you could dance and do whatever we wanted. And besides being very good and accommodating dancers, they were very good chatters. In few words, the ship at night became an orgiastic place. But these beautiful women had a very special characteristic: apparently, they did not have a brain. The effect was achieved by the ship's stylists by calving them and putting on skin-colored crowns so that it looked as if their skulls were open and empty.

Analysis of the dream: In this short story I find several little things are interesting from my amateur psychoanalyst point of view:

It is one of the first dreams where my father did not appear since his death in 2007. This must be a good sign, in the sense that my unconscious is finally resigning to the fact that my dad will not return. This dream also shows the concern for the poverty suffered by the majority of the planet's inhabitants. In the dream I help vulnerable population, but I end up working for my own pleasure. I believe that this is a contradiction showed by the majority of people who are economically stable. We care about those in need, but at the same time we do not want to lose our comforts. That is why I am very grateful to my parents for having given me the opportunity to complete 18 years in a public university such as the Universidad del Valle in Cali, as a student and intellectual-tourist (1992-1999 undergraduate student, 2001- 2007 Master student, 2007-2010 intellectual tourist), because that gave me social sensitivity and managed to center me politically speaking, because as a member of a family of Paisa descent, I had been raised on the right. Now I feel that I am of center and I hate extremes; I like to be center. Although being central may be pejoratively pointed out by some to be “half postures” or “warm waters”, it is the most civilized, consistent and convenient position. Is convenient, because when you are of center and you are in a group of leftist (I love talking to people on the left because it seems to me that they are more educated than the average of people on the right, who are the majority in a country like Colombia) one moves a little to the left and fits well. And if you are in a group of people from the center right (I will never relate to people who are on the extremes), you move a little to that side and it also looks good, and in the end, you do not fight with anyone. I love being politically central and having acquired the ability to adjust to various situations in real time. But the most important thing from having studied at a public university like Univalle, from the political-economic point of view, is to acquire social sensitivity and discover the pleasure of helping those most in need, even if from time to time.

I wish one could do charity work more often. In fact, during our first year in Ibagué, my mom and I applied to the Rotary club. The idea was to meet people and above all to do charity work in a consistent way. But unfortunately, we were not accepted into this club and they did not explain why. However, we try to do charity work, first with the neediest family and close friends and then with different types of organizations. But this is a topic that is handled by my mom so I will not delve further into it.

The other thing that my body has traveled faster than my mind from Cali to Ibagué. My body arrived in Ibagué to settle permanently in this city in mid-2010, but my mind continues to be in Cali, at least partially. The interesting thing about this dream and others like it is the combination of Cali with Ibagué, which indicates that my unconscious mind is already traveling to settle in this last city. And although I consciously feel healthier in Ibagué than in Cali (my sleep problems have decreased a lot thanks to the colder climate of Ibagué) and I also know that my mother is also better in Ibagué (she managed to close her mourning for the death of my dad in 2007 and he even got a boyfriend in this last city), from time to time I get nostalgic for having left Cali. And with this dream it becomes clear that my unconscious is still partly yearning for this city. Fortunately, I have the opportunity to travel to Cali two or three times a year to see my friends from Univalle. The important thing and I repeat, is that my mind has already started to settle in Ibagué, even partially and progressively. From a conscious point of view, in addition to feeling healthier in Ibagué (except for the higher relative humidity in the environment), I also feel a greater perception of security in the capital of Tolima. Cali is obviously more dangerous. I feel safer in Ibagué. Also, as I have expressed it on several occasions, now that I am meeting the intellectualoid people of Ibagué, I feel more comfortable in this city. And all this is a great advance after almost completing 1.5 years living in Ibagué.

Water is protagonist in this dream. Why an inner urban lake in the coliseum area of Cali, which by the way is very close to the last two neighborhoods that I lived in this city for more than 30 years (Camino Real and Nueva Tequendama)? I believe that in reality and on an unconscious level, I am already needing to recreate myself in relatively large bodies of water such as Lake Calima and the beaches of Buenaventura that I had so close at hand in Cali.

Piangüita: One of the closest beaches to Buenaventura (main port of the Colombian Pacific coast) in the Valle del Cauca department. Combining the land trip (2 hours) and the boat trip, this beach is located about 2.5 or 3 hours from Cali.

Calima Lake: Less than two hours by car from Cali. In this lake one feels a temperate tending cold climate, ideal to escape from the hot weather of Cali. I have fond memories of this lake.

It will have to schedule a trip to Prado dam here in Tolima. It is this and/or the concern about the floods that are occurring due to so many rains these days. Or it is most likely a mixture of both. Or as a third option, water is the means by which my favorite vacation vehicles move: cruises.

I've only been in two cruises in my life, one departing from Miami (north Caribbean) and one from Puerto Rico (south Caribbean). It has the best vacations of my life. Especially considering my sleep problems that are secondary to my mild bipolar affective condition (cyclothymia). When you go on a cruise, you can visit various islands and/or countries without packing and unpacking and changing hotels each time, since the ship contains the floating hotel that accompanies you to the different places that are visited every day. This for me is very convenient because I only have to adapt to only one bed. In addition, the activities of a cruise, although they are diverse, tend to have the same schedule every day. All this stability in the place to sleep and schedule of key activities, are a very healthy for a bipolar individual like me. It is necessary to clarify that in the cruises what is unlimited is the food. Alcoholic beverages are charged. In the dream, I made a mix between a cruise ship and a Decameron Hotel (where alcoholic drinks are unlimited) but I think that this mix does not really exist. Hopefully one day the Decameron hotels will merge with a cruise company to make trips with everything unlimited, including the delicious and unlimited cocktails they provide in Decameron hotels.

On the cruise I did in 2001 in the southern Caribbean, at the invitation of my sister Gloria, we visited several islands. The cruise lasted a week, so we visited about six islands and/or small countries. Of all these, Martinique and Dominica caught my attention. The first is a French colony and therefore it is a very beautiful island, its people live very well, and it is very economically stable. Instead Dominica got independent from England in recent years. The result is an impressive contrast to Martinique that is held by France. Instead Dominica is a poor country as a result of its independence. This shows that becoming independent is not always a good idea. Much depends on the situation. Maybe in the case of larger countries like Colombia and with different characteristics from these islands, independence was imminent and necessary. But in the case of these small islands in the Caribbean, independence is definitely not a good idea. Taking the issue of independence on a personal level, and given my health limitations as a result of my cyclothymic bipolarity, for many years now, I decided never to become independent from my parents' home. I feel very comfortable in the “hotel mama”. It is a decision as firm as that of never having children. In fact, if any woman takes on the titanic task of putting up with me for life, she is going to resign herself to not having children and live with my mother. In few words, I will end up alone because a woman like that doesn't exist. So, as you can see, I'm not entirely a fan of independence. Going back to the country level, sometimes I imagine a parallel universe in which the Spanish empire would not have been so despotic with its colonies and would have survived longer. I ask myself what would our Latin American countries be like if we were still Spanish colonies? For starters, we would be European citizens (as are the inhabitants of Martinique) and we could imagine many other differences from our universe, some positive and some negative. It would have been a good theme for the 1990s science fiction series called "Sliders" that recounted the adventures of a group of travelers who "slipped" between parallel universes through wormholes.

Wormhole: They could communicate to two distant regions of space or parallel universes, at least theoretically speaking.

The other reason why I like cruises so much, and continuing with science fiction, is that you go on a ship. A sea ship, but a ship anyway. And considering my fondness for the science fiction subgenre called space operas (which include wars between spaceships and these things) it is natural that I like ships of today's reality, even if they are only maritime, although I know little about naval culture of reality.

But the most important theme of the dream is orgiastic parties with apparently brainless women. They were just apparently mindless women, but I think this has a relatively concrete meaning expressed in figurative language. The fact of interacting with total freedom (or should I say licentiousness) with physically pleasing but figuratively mindless women, may be the desire of men who are looking for beautiful women who have no will of their own and who agree to do what the man wants but according to the dream they should be good conversationalists also. This reminds me of Charlie Harper (actor: Charlie Sheen) the ex-character from the USA sitcom "Two and Half Men" [this character was replaced by Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) for drug and discipline problems by Charlie Sheen]. Throughout the eight years that the series lasted, Charlie Harper interacted with a considerable number of physically pleasant women and who seemed to have no will of their own. It was a lot of fun, let's see how Ashton Kutcher is doing.

But going back to the analysis of my dream, at least consciously I am not interested in women without will. And here we return from my upbringing and flawed extremes are. Over the years, in matters of relationships, I have been moving from the right (machismo, maleness) in which I was raised, to the center. Currently both machismo and feminism seem flawed to me. Machismo is harmful to men, because although it puts us in charge, it also leaves us with most important responsibilities, and that is bad for us, especially when it comes to paying the bills. Within feminism you can find educated women who pay their part or the whole bill, but who cannot be commanded even by mandrake who is a magician. So, I like centered women, at least consciously. But judging by this dream, it seems that my unconscious is still immersed in my old-fashioned machismo. This must be corrected. And I believe that just as my unconscious goes after my conscious arriving and settling in Ibagué, it will also leave machismo. There is a lot to talk about relationships between men and women, especially from sociobiology and evolutionary psychology, which as a biologist are topics that interest me a lot. But it will be the subject of another post.

Thank you very much for reading this post.

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