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Diabetes, Pinterest, my Blog and Malpaso Fun Design: I have a lot of Intellectual and Physical Work

Updated: Aug 7

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Summary: Tonight, I only slept from 10:00 pm to 01:00 am. Two things are waking me up early. I can't stop thinking about Pinterest as the social platform (it is actually a search engine) that is currently bringing a lot of visitors to bloggers and the fact that I possibly have diabetes. Early in the morning I must undergo, without breakfast, lab tests to see what's really going on with my metabolism. What is certain is that I have grade 1 obesity (I weight 95 Kg and I am 1.77 meters tall). I also talk about monetizing my blog for which I need to gain a lot more traffic and I hope to achieve this, mainly, with Pinterest. And in the final paragraphs I talk about and artistic entrepreneurship we have with my sister, who lives in NY, called Malpaso Fun Design.

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This blog post contains links from which I can profit with no additional cost for you.

So, to alleviate the hunger and thirst in the hours that I have before going to the laboratory, I decided to start writing this post. Last week I went to my monthly medical appointment to obtain my psychiatric medicines from the Health Provider Company (EPSs in Colombia) I am affiliated to. Also, I told the doctor that my mouth was getting sores. She examined me and ordered a rapid blood sugar measurement test and the administrative assistant at this medical office made it and it resulted that I had me 233 mg/dL of blood glucose and the normal is maximum 140 [1]. The doctor suddenly told me I had diabetes. I started to read about diabetes and I would have type 2 diabetes, which is the type associated with obesity. I returned home demoralized because just when I had almost completely mastered my bipolarity, with a chrono-neuro-pharmacological protocol almost perfect for me, I could have diabetes. I started to investigate and a blood glucose of 233 mg/dL is enough to suffer a diabetic coma at any time. I am hopeful that the flash measurement they made at the medical office is inaccurate and that the results of today's lab tests disprove this estimate.

However, what is true is that I have grade one obesity. The body mass index is calculated like this [2]:

Weight (Kg)/height (m) x height (m)

In my case is:

95 Kg/1.77 square meters

The result is 30.32. And a value greater than 30 means obesity grade one and now it is time to have a strict diet and exercise every day. After the medical appointment I had an audio consultation with the nutritionist and she made other recommendations. She told me I had to lose at least 10 kg in three months or less. She said it was better for me to drink whole milk than lactose-free.

I started to investigate this and it turns out that to lactose-free milk, lactase, an enzyme, is added. This separates the two sugars that make up lactose: glucose and galactose [3]. Lactose is therefore a disaccharide made up of the two sugars just named. I thought that lactose was removed from lactose-free milk and to make its taste pleasant another, easy to digest sugar, was added. It's not like that. What happens is that, in lactose-free milk, when separated, due to lactase (enzyme), glucose and galactose get assimilated faster and the body feels the presence of sugar that is easy to digest and that is why the taste of lactose-free milk is sweeter. The fact is that since it is made up of easily absorbed saccharides (glucose and galactose), lactose-free milk produces a faster rise in blood sugar. While with whole-milk the body has to work harder to separate the said disaccharide (lactose) and that is why this last type of milk does not produce such a rapid rise in blood sugar.

In addition to this, the nutritionist told me that I had to eat starch and and egg only once a day. The sugar was suspended in the house about four days ago. And logically she recommended me to exercise. She told me to walk half an hour a day. I am too lazy to exercise. It’s something so monotonous and repetitive that I am don’t like to do it. A friend with whom I spoke yesterday, and who is very athletic, told me that it was a matter of getting used to it; and that as a biologist I could take the opportunity to make an inventory of birdlife here in the Vergel, which is the most forested and beautiful neighborhood of Ibagué-Colombia. I explained to him that since I was an undergraduate student, I knew that as a field biologist I was going to starve because in the field trips, with respect to which I only went to the obligatory ones, I could not see the animals that others saw so easily. I always knew I was going to be an office biologist because I don't like laboratory work either. I explained the difference between original research (where one finds something new in the field and/or laboratory) and monographic or knowledge systematization research, which is what I have dedicated myself to. [4]. To make science the way I have done it, only computer with internet access is needed. It is perfect for a lazy person like me who prefers to work from his tablet on bed, as I am doing at the moment and the maximum effort I make is to edit my articles, be those of my blog or the serious ones (which I used to do when I was still a member from the Universidad del Valle in Cali-Colombia), on my computer in my home office. So, I don't think I’ll spend 30 minutes or an hour of my precious time each day exercising. I live on a ninth floor and the most I am going to do is go down to the basement and up the 10 floors, all on foot, once a day, which will take me about 10 minutes. I must admit that walking up and down the stairs is a bit more anaerobic exercise (not as good for losing weight) as walking which is an aerobic. Maybe, afterwards I try to walk around the Vergel, but for now I will settle with 10 minutes of exercise a day. I hope that with diet and exercise I can manage my possible diabetes.

But why is the time of a lazy person like me so precious? Because I keep very busy reading and writing. And I may have found a way, with a lot of effort, time, and patience, to get money out of this bipolar verbiage of mine. A friend, who is very educated, told me one day:

- A blog never produces money!

The truth is that with a blog one can earn a lot of money. Or maybe this friend of mine is right and all the supported reports that are present in dozens of blog posts that I have read are a conspiracy to make us, neophyte bloggers, to strive to achieve nothing. The truth is that there are hundreds of bloggers making thousands of dollars mainly through advertising and the affiliate market. The best of the latter is Amazon's, and it basically consists of reviewing products that this giant company sells online and earning commissions for sales made through the affiliate links that one puts in each post. There are totally prostituted bloggers who review any product in order to earn commissions. I only plan to review books, series, movies and music that I myself have consumed.

Now, for example and just for rehearsing, I am summarizing and seeing detail for detail the 2005 film “Aeon Flux”, where one of my platonic loves, Charlize Theron is the main character, to publish in this, my blog, an article about this film and link it as an external review to the IMDb which is the most important Website in the world where all the information of all the movies and series is stored. I'm going to post this review on the IMDb to gain traffic for my blog. That's one of the keywords in this article: traffic.

Such was the prognosis of a possible diabetes that it disordered the rigid distribution of my days during the week and I began to compulsively reading about this condition and the Amazon affiliate program. I even bought an e-book on the subject:

The next day of the dire medical forecast I started reading it but I felt uncomfortable. Because of my health situation and because the book said that one should rapidly enroll in the said Amazon program; but at the same time implies that one must have enough traffic on their blog. Amazon's affiliate program, in addition to being free for the blogger, is the best. The problem is that if in the first three months three sales are not made one gets removed from the program, and must gain traffic and reapply.

So, we come back to the keyword: traffic. And to gain traffic, experimented bloggers say you have to have a very specialized niche. And I, as a bipolar, have curiosity about many topics, and I read and write a little bit about everything. So, I started Googling:

"How to gain traffic with a multi-niche blog"

And I found Andrea's blog (Hustle and Hearts) where I found the post: “Why You Don’t Need a Blogging Niche, But You do Need a Blogging Mission” among others and that encouraged me a lot. I can have a multi-niche blog and at the same time gain traffic. I read the post from the same blogger: “How I Reached 1.2 Million Pinterest Viewers in 3 Months”. I kept exploring this blog and many other blogs and came to the conclusion that I should buy the manual:

Authored by a even more successful blogger. It was a small investment because it is a short e-book (179 pages). For now I am reading it, but I have already started to apply what is recommended in this manual and my Pinterest account already has the basics. It turns out that these two bloggers and many other sources such as the book "Blogging for dummies 2019" [5], say their main source of traffic is Pinterest. To be clear, it must be said that this platform is not a social network. It is a search engine, mainly of images, but each image has a description, keywords, etc. and it can have a link to the website where it comes from. It is ideal for bloggers. Each image with its information is called a pin and each of these can point to a particular web page, such as each blog post. And the pins are grouped into categories (boards). I could have started reading post by post of n-bloggers who talk about Pinterest, but "Making Pinterest Possible" is a manual that has it all. Obviously, I'm going to continue reading posts on the subject, but this book has everything on Pinterest condensed with a myriad of tips that help one grow. Anyway, it is time to work hard and have a lot of patience as the El Gran Combo de Puerto Rio says in its song “Prosigue (keep going)”:

Then work is what awaits me. First to earn traffic with Pinterest mainly. This platform is so good that there are bloggers who have abandoned all their social networks. I was making the opposite mistake. I am enrolled in to many social networks in order to gain traffic. I'm like in 12 of them. This needs to be cut and/or automated to make my blog more efficient, since it is time to seriously produce, because is obvious that more health complications are going to arise and I want to have a comfortable old age. So, the plan is to hardly work on Pinterest to increase my traffic and then sign up for the Amazon affiliate program to monetize my blog. If others can I can too.

Having few social networks leads me to the other business I have with my sister called https://malpasofundesign.com. I am a minority partner in this company of my sister Gloria (seeh her blog “The Guayaba Project”). She has a series of ceramics called the malpaso series and she's dabbling in fashion too. My sister is a successful architect who lives in New York and is working in this entrepreneurship with her art. We already have opened a business ccount for Malpaso in Pinterest and there we will connect her account in Etsy (sales platform for artists), her Instagram profile and obviously our Website malpasofundesign.com.

So, we have to work hard with Pinterest in order to get traffic gain and not saddle up the horses before bringing them in the sense of not minding about Amazon's affiliate program yet until I get at least 100 daily visitors to my bilingual blog. And to diet and exercise to see if I keep this possible and emerging diabetes of mine under control with a lot of weight loss that I have to achieve.

Thank you for reading this post.

07-Aug-2020 Update: The lab results come alright. I am not a diabetic but I’ve got to loose weight because I have grade 1 obesity.


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