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American Politics and my Inability to live in the USA

Key Words: The USA is a Great Empire, Organization of American States (OAS), Confederation of American States (CEA), Designated Survivor, House of Cards, Book El “Engaño Populista” by Gloria Álvarez.

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A friend, who is very intelligent, told me that he preferred movies to series because in the first ones one knew the outcome in about two hours. But that in a series one had to watch many episodes to know what happens in the end. And that he had an acquaintance who began to watch a series and several nights could not sleep thinking about what would happen in the following episodes.

Well, following the recommendation of another friend, I began watch the 2016-2019 Netflix Series “Designated Survivor” [1, 2]; and here I am in the same situation as the aforementioned one. I can't sleep thinking about this series. And this coupled with my hypergraphy (compulsion to write) has me starting a post in the middle of the night.

"Designated Survivor" is about a low-level White House secretary being taken to an unknown location in Washington DC while the entire government and congress are listening to the annual "State of the Union" presidential address and the unexpected Happens: The Capitol, the great and emblematic building where the congress meets, is blown up by an explosion killing about 1000 people of the highest level of the branches of the legislative power (congressmen and senators) and the executive including the president and all his secretaries.

So the secretary of Housing and Urban Development is the official who was taken to the classified location and is the only member of the government who survives the attack, since he was not on Capitol Hill during said presidential speech and even being the 11th in the line of succession, he is sworn in as president.

From there follows some action, espionage, conspiracy plots and the FBI is discovering where the attack comes from. It is a political thriller. I do not know where the attack comes from because I only seen the half of the first season and there are three to complete the series. It premiered in 2016 and ended in 2019 [1, 2]. I super-recommend this series.

Seeing this series, made me admire the United States even more. If it wasn't for my bipolarity, I would have made my life in that great country. I try not to make personal posts, but I can't stop doing it. This series stopped the review of the book Populist Deception [3] which is written by the beautiful Guatemalan political scientist of center right and libertarian (but not anarchist) Gloria Álvarez. She says that one of the main differences between the United States and Latin America is that our independence from Spain and the consolidation of our countries was based on the ideas of the French revolution, which was socialist in nature and focused on material equality between people. While the founding fathers of the USA were based on ideas that defended the liberties, rights and properties of each individual [3]. Furthermore, if it were not for the American empire, I would not have the standard of living that I currently have, as my father Álvaro Duque. MVz (RIP) worked from Colombia and throughout the Americas for a United States pharmaceutical company. And so, the leftists of our Latin American countries do not like it, the USA is only admirable, but we are under the influence of the United States power. The United States is the paragon of capitalism and this creates wealth and is the best system that has been invented to lift large portions of the population of entire countries out of poverty [3]. I will explain all this when I publish the review of mentioned book. I am interested in the United States policy, although I am ignorant of it. Aside from CNN the little I know about the movements in Washington DC I have learned it from watching the program "Question of Power" that airs during the week between 8:00 and 9:00 pm (Bogotá, Quito and Lima time), on the Colombian international channel NTN24.

The other series that has me hooked is also "House of Cards"[4, 5]. It sees the politics of the United States from the point of view of a congressman. It is also from Netflix although it is older (2013-2018). But "Designated Survivor" (starring Kiefer Sutherland) almost interrupted my life. House of Cards is also good and shows all the filth that a congressman named Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) does to gain political power. I’ve only seen the first episodes, but judging by the photo in Netflix's presentation of this series, it seems that his wife Claire (Robin Wright) is the one who becomes president.

So, it can be concluded that I like international politics but especially the relations between the US and Latin America. Before starting to do this writing, I was thinking that this relationship can take a personal level in me. Although I am only B2 or C1 (advanced but not native) in terms of my English, there is a struggle in me or better a mix between Hispanic and Anglo information. My two favorite empires are the Spanish and American empires. Now Spain and the United States are part of the same military union: NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). There were moments in my life that I wished that Spain had been the winner in these contests against the England and that as a result Spanish would be the most spoken language after Chinese. But, as my dad told me, the universal human language is English. There are even times I imagine that the Ibero-American countries (obviously Spain included) would form an alliance again to revive the Spanish empire. But not that is not possible. The most we got was to do the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI) and the meetings of the Ibero-American Community of Nations (CIN). In addition, the mother countries of this community (Spain and Portugal) are members of the European Union. The other possibility is that the Latin American and Caribbean countries unite in one community. The nefarious Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chávez, who fortunately died in 2013, helped push it forward by calling it CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States). But since we are lazy in our countries, we have not been able to consolidate this union, which from the point of view of cultural and territorial compatibility would be very possible to achieve. Even more so when it is convenient for us that the world listens to us as one voice. But what I see closer is the growing consolidation of the OAS (Organization of American States). It is possible that one day it will become a continental confederation and all of America would come to be governed from Washington. That would be very beautiful because it would be the merger of the OAS with the USA. This, in addition to being very desirable for an individual like me, is already happening, even if it hurts our leftists.

China and Russia call the OAS as a simple technical body, but the truth is that it has shown consensus regarding the situation in Venezuela. The vast majority of OAS member countries agree that Nicolás Maduro must leave power. But I think that coordinated and US-led military action is needed to end the suffering of the Venezuelan people who are currently subjugated by this dictator. While I criticize Trump for being far-right and isolationist-nationalist, I am comforted to know that he says all options are still on the table. It is obvious that he has not ruled out the military option to solve the problem of Venezuela. And if he wants to win the presidential election again, he will have no other option but to intervene militarily in that country. Why? To win the Hispanic vote in Florida, which is a state that weighs heavily when choosing a president [6]. Although human lives would be lost, I see no other option than the military to end the socio-economic and humanitarian crisis in which Venezuela currently lives.

So, the question is, why don't I live in the United States if I admire this empire so much and if in my head Hispanic information fights with the Anglo-Saxon to occupy space in my agenda and mental space? Because I am bipolar and that leads to my having a touch geniality, and smart people are very comfortable. Around 2000 when I was 26 years old, I tried to settle in Miami. Before that I tried to do it in New York. But my impediment has always been that, in my maternal home, located in Colombia, I can live much more comfortably and with much less expenses than living in the USA. Also, if I had gone to live in the USA, I would probably already have a series of concerns such as work, wife and children, among others. And the stress that all this brings is prohibitive for a bipolar like me. I was telling a friend from school that has been living in the United States for decades, that I am a legend having completed 45 of age without children or marital entanglements [7, 8]. Now I have almost zero worries and responsibilities and I am still “the child” of the house. Another friend who now lives in Paris asked me if my writing earns me money and I told him that this, my blog, may someday make money, but I currently only produce expenses. Even at my advanced age, my mom continues to give me a very good monthly allowance, just for being her son and for solving office problems such as the house bills payments expenses, things that I enjoy doing. The beginning of the month is especially fun because I start making payments online and I feel like I'm in a video game killing debts on time and quickly. I evacuate all these bureaucratic tasks on Mondays, leaving the rest of the week free to read and write and see relevant information on my TV, such as some non-yellowing international series and programs. The question is what am I going to do for surviving when my mom is gone? The answer is that I am, since 2003, contributing to a pension that I will start enjoying in 20 years. A few days ago, I started making the math and taking my current credit card expenses in half, when I am an old man, I will be able to live comfortably. That is the worst-case scenario and it is good. The best scenario is for the political-economic symbiosis that we are beginning to do with my sister consolidates and assures me a splendid old age. But that's classified information on which I can't write about anymore.

Thank you very much for reading this post.


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