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Do you have pending documents to be published and due to lack of time, you have not been able to prepare them? I can help you with that and other things. Taking into account my Academic Education, Publications & Conferences and Work Experience, I offer the service of improving documents to prepare them for their publication. This includes the translations (Spanish to English & English to Spanish), proofreading (in Spanish), editing of documents or presentations with any of the Microsoft Office applications (including Access), the design of figures with Corel Draw, organization of citations & bibliographies in any format with EndNote, etc.

Don’t worry any more about missing or incomplete references or citations. EndNote is the standard software of the academic industry for automated bibliography management and includes all formats (such as APA). I verify, and complete each reference with internet information and systematize each one in EndNote. Then I gather them and include them into your document guaranteeing a publication with perfect citations and bibliography, adapted to the format that you, the journal or the editor where you are going to publish your document require.

During my classes, I like to include multimedia presentations and I like to read and write. All these things were a requirement during my years at the University. Hence, I am very skill full using suites like Microsoft Office, specially Word and Power-Point:

Word: Editing and proofreading in Spanish. Preparation and adjustment of tables of contents and lists of figures, tables, appendixes, analytical indexes, edition of page headers and footers, etc.

PowerPoint: Multimedia presentations (effects, videos, etc.) that includes, among other things, a script that is not projected on your video-beam but that will help you study and convey your lecture.

Access: I can make relational data bases, especially for academic purposes. As a biologist I have several taxonomic data bases. I can include personalized tables, forms, queries, reports, etc.

Excel: In this app I keep the budget (with basic accounting notions) of my home and business. I can also make basic functions, graphics and statistics.

With regard to what can be done with Microsoft applications, I want to emphasize that I offer the realization of sound-slide shows. Although is in Spanish, here is an example of an audio that I transformed into a very elegant multimedia presentation. This example corresponds to a radio program about cyborgs in which I participated in 2013:

Portada Multimedia Cyborgs con Boton de

Do you like my website? I made this website with WIX. I have included links to all my certifications and publications as you can see in the Curriculum Vitae page of this site. I also make Blogger-Blogpost sites (for example: https://www.juanferduque.com/). So if you need a website, I can help with that too.

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