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Tribute to my Father: Alvaro Duque-Donoso MVz (RIP 1948-2007)


My dad was an exaggeratedly healthy person: he didn't drink alcohol, he didn't go to parties, he didn't smoke, etc. He was always working or at home. So, it was a surprise that, in mid-2007, he was diagnosed with liver cancer. As he was metastatic (it was never known where the primary tumor was), he could not have a liver transplant and although he had a few chemotherapy sessions, he finally left on 26-Nov-2007.

It was an irreparable loss, which given my bipolar condition, psychiatrically disarranged me for more than 10 years. My dad was a Veterinary, Zootechnician and Master in Poultry. It was said that he was one of the five people who knew the most about poultry in Colombia. If it weren't for his hard work throughout his life, together with that of my mother (Rosa-Elvira Osorio de Duque), who fortunately I still have alive, and the way they planned my life, I could not have a comfortable existence that I currently have. With this I take the opportunity to thank all my ancestors who worked all their lives so that we can enjoy what we have today, as I express it in the last paragraph of one of my blog posts. Álvaro, we will never forget you, and as time goes by, I understand you more and more; especially in the way you taught to correctly understand Epicurus' hedonism: Order and discipline bring pleasure in a more abundant and sustainable way than tropicalism, the latter of which is nothing more than a misunderstood and mentally short-sighted hedonism.


My maxims:

• Without the support of biology, the ideas of the humanities are pure fantastic literature.

• The most expeditious way to spoil an intellectual life project is to include in it, beliefs on supernatural entities and not base it on hard sciences, especially biology.

• The cultural and intellectual status of an individual, population, country or society are inversely proportional to their degree of reproductiveness and belief in supernatural entities.

• My religion is science, my deities are my ancestors and the most prominent intellectuals of human history and my prayers are my favorite songs.

• My favorite music comes mainly from the two Hispanic states whose political situation I envy: Spain (member of the European Union) and Puerto Rico (Member of the United States of America).

• The follies that a person does become sensate activities when they start producing money.

• The meaning of my life is to maximize, in a healthy and sustainable way, the proportion of pleasure/suffering (Epicurean hedonism) mainly through the acquisition of new and relevant information and technology (Star Trek's Borg).

• Leftist people generally end up sad because their lifelong mental utopia cannot be applied democratically, naturally and freely in reality.

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