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Here I will include items that cannot be classified in any of the other pages of my website, so this page is under construction. For now I have the following:

My maxims:

• Without the support of biology, the ideas of the humanities are pure fantastic literature.

• The most expeditious way to spoil an intellectual life project is to include in it, beliefs on supernatural entities and not base it on hard sciences, especially biology.

• The cultural and intellectual status of an individual, population, country or society are inversely proportional to their degree of reproductiveness and belief in supernatural entities.

• My religion is science, my deities are my ancestors and the most prominent intellectuals of human history and my prayers are my favorite songs.

• My favorite music comes mainly from the two Hispanic states whose political situation I envy: Spain (member of the European Union) and Puerto Rico (Member of the United States of America).

• The follies that a person does become sensate activities when they start producing money.

• The meaning of my life is to maximize, in a healthy and sustainable way, the proportion of pleasure/suffering (Epicurean hedonism) mainly through the acquisition of new and relevant information and technology (Star Trek's Borg).

• Leftist people generally end up sad because their lifelong mental utopia cannot be applied democratically, naturally and freely in reality.

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